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    Online Consultation

    Online Consultation

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    Online consultation

    🌟 Professional Online Consultations for Eyelash Stylists 🌟

    Are you an experienced eyelash extension stylist striving for excellence in your field? Our online consultations are tailored just for you!

    🔥 Why choose our online consultations? 🔥

    ✨ Experienced Eyelash Extension Stylist: I'm a seasoned professional in the eyelash extension industry, and now my extensive experience and knowledge are available to you.

    ✨ Personalized Approach: Each consultation is customized to your needs and level of experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we have something special for you.

    ✨ Address Your Challenges: You'll receive assistance in overcoming the challenges you may encounter in your daily work as an eyelash extension stylist.

    ✨ Flexible Consultation Schedule: After your purchase, we'll arrange a consultation time that suits both you and me. Your professional development doesn't have to be hindered by time constraints!

    ✨ Psychological Support: Working in the beauty industry can be stressful. In addition to professional guidance, I also offer psychological support to help you cope with the stress and professional pressure.

    🌟 Online consultations are an investment in your professional success! 🌟

    Don't wait! Utilize my knowledge and experience to reach new heights in the field of eyelash extensions. Click below to book your consultation now!

    Price and Flexibility

    The price for one hour of online consultation is €65 gross. I'm here to accommodate your needs, so if you require a longer time, I have an attractive offer for you.

    🔥 Special Offer: If you decide to purchase two hours of consultation, the price will be only €115 gross, saving you €15 compared to buying two separate sessions.

    Why opt for a longer consultation?

    ✨ In-Depth Analysis: A longer consultation allows for a more thorough analysis of your challenges and needs, as well as a more detailed discussion of problem-solving strategies.

    ✨ Skill Enhancement: More time permits a more comprehensive discussion of eyelash extension techniques and practices, helping you perfect your skills.

    ✨ More Valuable Insights: You'll receive more valuable tips and knowledge to help you succeed in the industry.

    Whether you choose one hour or two, I'm ready to assist you in achieving your goals in eyelash extensions. The final choice is yours. Reserve your consultation now!

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